Balance Your Life

There is a euphoric emotion when you learn how to balance your life. Without it being cliché, the weight of the entire world is lifted of your shoulders, just by understanding one simple principle that my mentor taught me, and that I am going to share with you in just a moment.

As a mum, I know that the one single emotion that will eat you up, is GUILT.  And whether you’re a mum or not, it’s the same. When life becomes so demanding that you just feel like you can’t get anything done, and you fall short of your own standards constantly, you become overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and everything just comes crashing down! I know, I’ve been there.

Here’s what I discovered… so many people think that you can only do your best at one thing… that you have to CHOOSE between doing well in business, or being a good mum… that success in one area comes at a price in the other area. Well, I’m here to tell you point blank, that is completely, utterly, and irrefutably UNTRUE. Normally the people who think that, or say that, are the ones who are so crippled by the fear of failure, of not being “good enough”, so they hide behind the “I just want to be a good parent” idea. And society buys it! Well, I don’t! Sure, you might want to be a good parent, everyone does. But I’m here to tell you, that you can have it all!! And you CAN be “more than just a mum” (or whatever it is you want to be more than if you’re not a parent). You can be more than just “the wife”, or more than just the “truck driver”, or the “cleaner”, or whatever it is that you are currently doing that is not completely fulfilling you! Stop settling for that, please. I’m not saying don’t do it. I’m just saying, do MORE than just that. Leading a small life doesn’t serve the world!

I’m going to teach you, right here, how you can balance your life so that you can have success in EVERY area of your life, without it being to the detriment of another.

But, I’m also here to tell you, that what I’m going to teach is very SIMPLE, but it’s not EASY. And the thing that makes it “not easy” unfortunately, is YOU! It requires DISCIPLINE, and more importantly it requires letting go of something. That may mean letting go of people, habits, thought processes, and what I call “pay offs”. Letting go is typically very uncomfortable, and most people don’t like to be outside their comfort zone. But what I find so fascinating, is the fact that what those people call their “comfort zone” is the most uncomfortable place they’ve ever been. I mean, think about it… either way, it’s UNCOMFORTABLE, right? It’s either uncomfortable while you adjust to CHANGE, or it’s uncomfortable living life the way it is NOW! So you’ve got a scenario of uncomfortable vs. uncomfortable. Basically, you’ll never escape “uncomfortable”. You just need to decide which kind of “uncomfortable” is more beneficial for you and your family, and which will move your life forwards! You’ve got to learn to become comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

So without the detail, here it is in ONE sentence…

Finding balance isn’t about the TIME you give to each area of your life, it’s about the ATTENTION you give to each area!

For example, 20 minutes of undivided, full ATTENTION, quality time with your spouse just ONCE a week, where that “meeting” actually had an “agenda” (we’ll talk about that later), would completely change anyone’s relationship for the better. In fact, I wouldn’t mind betting that if everyone gave just 20 minutes of ATTENTION just once a week to their marriage, it would drastically change divorce statistics.

If you’re a parent, just 10 minutes on the ground with your children, rolling around, eye to eye contact, making them feel like nothing else in the world exists for those 10 minutes other than them, is worth more to them than 2 hours of you being in the same room!

So again, it’s not about the TIME you give, it’s about the ATTENTION you give!

For more information on how to create a balanced scenario where you have the ability to give this kind of attention in an extremely balanced way, click on my other articles, but be warned, this will be the end of your life as you know it!

EXPECT Success!


~ Holly

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