Business Coaching With Holly

Business Coaching with Holly

Hi there, and welcome to our coaching journey.

Firstly, thank you for trusting me, and for allowing me to play a part in your personal journey.

Here are the terms and conditions of our coaching:

  • 4 calls per month – all calls are done between 1st and 28th of every month. There are NO calls on the 29th/30th/31st of any month
  • Each call gives you up to 45 minutes, but some calls will take less time than this. We are more focused on outcome, not ‘time’
  • You are responsible for calling me at the designated time we arranged. If you miss the call, or call late, your time is forfeited (but please know I am always willing to being flexible with changing your times if need be, so long as I am given notice, and am able to accommodate your needs, which depends on my availability)
  • Each person is committed to a minimum coaching term of 3 months at this price, beyond that, you can continue longer and we will discuss a payment plan accordingly.
  • Price of 3 months coaching is $3000 total
  • Payments are deducted over 2 months: $1500 now, and $1500 will automatically be deducted 30 days from now

I really do look forward to helping you grow, learn and earn! EXPECT SUCCESS!!

Love Holly

Please use the subscribe button below to set up your payments. You will be charged $1500 now, and another $1500 will be deducted automatically 30 days from now. No further payments will be taken after your $3000 is paid (your subscription will automatically cancel after your second payment)

Monthly Payment Option – 2 payments of $1500