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Teach your kids to BE sorry, not just SAY sorry

Teach your kids to BE sorry, not just SAY sorry! Forcing your kids, or even just asking them to say sorry only teaches them to be incongruent, and out of alignment with themselves.  The subconscious message in your request is “Forget what you’d really like to say, dismiss how you really feel, push down all […]

Stop praising me – I need to learn how to live in the REAL world!

Stop praising me… I need to learn how to live in the REAL world!!   We live in a culture where a certificate, a medal, a blue ribbon, a gold star, a trophy, or at minimum an enthusiastic “Good job!” has become commonplace and even expected when children participate in an activity, regardless of their […]

3 steps to disciplining your child without killing their spirit

How to guide and govern your child’s behaviour so that THEY take responsibility for their actions and make more effective choices, AT ANY AGE – even toddlers!!! Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you could only master the ability to somehow teach your child to become so conscious of their behaviour […]

The first 2 questions to ask when you pick your child up from school

The 2 best questions. . . conversations that matter! As parents, what is it we are ultimately wanting to accomplish in regards to raising our children? I believe the following points describe most parents We want them to feel loved, valued, and know they are good enough! We want to equip with them with the […]

The impact of true GIVING on your child’s spirit

Stop just putting gifts under the K-mart christmas tree, or in the Salvo’s drop box!!   Every human spirit needs to know it makes a difference, including your child’s – significance is one of the six human NEEDS! We NEED to know we are important, and we need to experience the emotion that is reserved […]

Affirmations for children

What are affirmations, and why are they important for children? Self-affirmations are positive statements or self-scripts that can condition the subconscious mind to help you develop a more positive perception of yourself. They provide the ‘blueprint’ from which the conscious mind operates from. Affirmations can help you to change harmful behaviours or accomplish goals, and they can […]

Give your kids guidance, NOT advice!

Their ‘internal guidance system’ will serve them better than your ‘parental guidance system’ ever will. Teach them how to be conscious of it. Today was a big day for me! After resisting any encouragement from friends, persistent nagging from my husband, and even attempting to ignore the feeling inside my spirit pulling me in this direction, […]

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