4 Steps to getting balance in your life RIGHT NOW!

Giving up a life of chaos for a life of balance! Firstly, what does balance mean? I believe it means being able to give each area of your life the attention it needs without it being to the detriment of other areas of your life! If I was to delve into the depths of this topic […]

The impact of true GIVING on your child’s spirit

Stop just putting gifts under the K-mart christmas tree, or in the Salvo’s drop box!!   Every human spirit needs to know it makes a difference, including your child’s – significance is one of the six human NEEDS! We NEED to know we are important, and we need to experience the emotion that is reserved […]

Affirmations for children

What are affirmations, and why are they important for children? Self-affirmations are positive statements or self-scripts that can condition the subconscious mind to help you develop a more positive perception of yourself. They provide the ‘blueprint’ from which the conscious mind operates from. Affirmations can help you to change harmful behaviours or accomplish goals, and they can […]

Why “don’t” doesn’t work!

Change the word “don’t”, and change your life! It can be so exhausting being a parent, particularly when our kids continue to do the things we tell them not to do! But this isn’t happening “by accident”. In actual fact, when we tell our kids “don’t”, we are actually adding power to the behaviour we […]

Empower your child – 5 words to change in your vocabulary

Words are REAL things… choose them consciously and empower your children! Before I begin here, I must point out that I certainly wasn’t born with all the knowledge I have regarding parenting today. Just like you, I was programmed too. However, after beginning my own personal development in my early 20’s, I became very conscious of […]

Using “life” to teach your children about leadership!

Do life and leadership together! I don’t believe that discussions about life and leadership need to be scheduled or lectured to our children… the root word of leadership is LEAD… which is a VERB, not a noun… it’s a DOING word. Which means, in order to teach leadership effectively, particularly with children, it isn’t something you […]

You’re not just the parent, you’re their LEADER!

Becoming conscious of how we program the subconscious mind of our children Think about it, as parents, we literally are the “electricians” that wire the ” emotions” of our children. When your child had just learned to walk, and they fell flat on their face, he/she looked up at you with a puzzled look on their […]

We’re not raising “children”, we’re raising adults!

Before I begin making my point on this article, I want to start by giving you my belief system, so that you understand why I feel the importance to share this message… I believe every single one of us is a born LEADER… every single baby is born screaming and demanding for everything it wants, […]

Give your kids guidance, NOT advice!

Their ‘internal guidance system’ will serve them better than your ‘parental guidance system’ ever will. Teach them how to be conscious of it. Today was a big day for me! After resisting any encouragement from friends, persistent nagging from my husband, and even attempting to ignore the feeling inside my spirit pulling me in this direction, […]