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When I Talk To Me

Written by Holly Nunan & illustrated by Caiara McCoy

“Conversations are important
They help us grow, and learn and see,
The most important one I’ll ever have
Is the one I have with me!”

"Not unlike the first two books in this series, 'what I say to me' provides the words that every parent wants to whisper to their child at every opportunity. We want our children to not only know but believe how incredible they are and despite the trials and tribulations that can face our children, for them to know they are good enough... this book echos what is it in every parent's heart for their child. Another stellar book by Holly Nunan."

Nat Papaioannou, Mother of 2

"I would have benefited from a book like this when I was a child! This book is a valuable contribution to building emotional resiliency in our children."

Kimberly Kevan, Mother of 3

"The beautiful words in this book touched my heart as though I was that little girl. Such a powerful message to share with my girls for them to become empowered spirits in this world, and shine the light into their hearts. The illustrations were just amazing, and truly captured the emotions and thoughts perfectly. Holly those words truly touched me, so there was a message in the book for me too. Continue to shine brightly, the world and so many children need to hear your voice!"

Jaime Aplin, Mother of 2

"When this book was first read to me I said to my husband “this would be just amazing for all of our 3 children to hear this message about self talk and love”. Our 10 year old in particular struggles with self image and love and I think this is a perfect way to reiterate to her on a daily basis how to love and embrace her own self and for us to share that message with her. Thank you to Holly Nunan for writing a book with real values and messages that can really impact children’s lives!"

Keri Ann Walman, Mother of 2, Stepmother of 4

"I am so looking forward to reading this book to many children as a relief teacher. For every family to have a copy and read it often would add so much value to their lives."

Joy Disney, Teacher

Broken Crayons Still Colour

Written by Holly Nunan & illustrated by Caiara McCoy

“So next time you feel “broken”
And life seems to be getting duller
Remember you have a purpose –
And broken crayons still DO colour!”

"I am 35 years old and a mother of 2 special needs children. My daughter 8 with Cerebral Palsy and my son 6 with Autism. When hearing Broken Crayons Still Colour I was emotional as I felt Mrs Nunan wrote the book for me. I connected with the contents and believe everyone should read it. Not only people with "special needs" but people of all ages and abilities."

Michelle Toyias, Mother of 2

"My 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder this year and this book moved me. I was filled with emotion and had tears in my eyes listening to Holly read. 'Broken crayons still colour' is a wonderful book written by a truly inspirational woman. I went to a parenting workshop held by Holly Nunan in Adelaide where we were lucky enough to hear 'Broken crayons still colour' read by Holly herself. As a mother of 3 young children myself I thought this book was wonderful.  The book captured some of the feelings that we had after my daughter's diagnosis, and the feelings I have for her and what she she can do. Children and adults with disabilities need understanding not judgement and this book really conveys this message. The book talks about the amazing things people and children can do even if they are not the same as everyone else and how it feels to be thought of as different. I am very excited about this book being published so I can read this to my amazing daughter. I believe this book should be read to all children as it shows insight and understanding. Everyone is capable of amazing things whoever they are regardless of any disabilities all they need is belief. I cannot recommend this book highly enough for adults and children. Thank you Holly for writing this inspirational book."

Annette Denby, Mother of 3

"Holly Nunan has done it again, giving young people a new sight and vision of the world. Giving them permission to see the great potential in all human beings and empowering those who are different to excel in what they can do."

David C Nomchong, Father of 2

"A read full of emotion and many a tear. As I read this book, images appeared in my mind of the many Primary-aged students I have taught who considered themselves as 'broken'. What an exceptionally meaningful way of reassuring them that they have many things to offer society. That we too, can learn from all the 'colour' they have to share with us. 'Broken Crayons Still Colour' - A perfect metaphor to express that we are all special in our own way and have lots to offer the world. Absolutely brilliant."

Eva Gosti, Mother of 2, Primary School Teacher

"We related to this book so much as one of our children is struggling to feel accepted in all areas of her life and there is no better message for her than this book. Having attended Holly's parenting workshop we were blessed enough to hear Holly's new book, Broken Crayons Still Colour. I feel this book has three audiences being a story that is great to help children perceived by society to have physical or mental disabilities to understand they still have a purpose in the world. For adults to gain an understanding that all children in the world have a real contribution to offer and lastly, for children who feel that they just don't fit in that it is ok to be different from others around you. This is a book that will help open conversation between adults and children accepting being different and accepting those who are different.  Thank you Holly"

Chris Borlase, Father of 4

What Is An Idea?

International Best Seller

Written by Holly Nunan & illustrated by Caiara McCoy

“And right there in my bed
Snuggled tight, warm and curled,
I realised what ideas were –
They are things that change the world!”

"When reading this book, I was brought to tears at the realisation that my children were going to be so positively impacted by such a simple, yet powerful read. My everlasting gratitude to Holly Nunan for sharing her gift and helping parents all around the globe teach life's simple principles in a way children understand and enjoy."

Natalie Papaioannou, Engineer, Mother of 2

"An incredible rhyming book that keeps children intrigued. This book allows children to know that it is okay to dream big!!! Children reading this incredible book will be opened up to the gift of believing in themselves as well as gaining an understanding of how to follow the path to their dreams."

Samantha Lee, Pre School Educator

"Takes children on their journey of self-discovery. Positive and enlightening. A true gem!"

Sabrina Leo, Mother of 2, Entrepreneur

"By the beginning of the second page I immediately knew this was a book I wanted to buy. I could see the great potential in it really helping my kids to understand and pay attention to their thoughts, and to believe in them!"

Lisa Mathews, Single Mother of 2

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