Coaching payments

To my most valued coaching partners…

It is with regret that I must get this message to you, but it is necessary. Please take 10 minutes to read this in full.

After seeing my accountant to do my tax this week, it has become apparent that I must register for GST, which means I must also charge GST, because your current prices do not include GST.

My prices for coaching are going up to $650/month as of 1st August for new clients. I am continuing to honor the price that you are currently on, of $400/month, however I must now add GST to this price.

In addition, PayPal have also increased their fees, and moving forwards, I must also pass on these costs and incorporate these fees in my coaching fees in order to be able to continue giving you a great service and keep my price at $400/mth for you. Paypal charge me a $13 transaction fee for every $400 payment that you make. Regretfully, in order to honor your current price of $400 for my services, I must also pass this fee onto you.

I trust that you believe in the value of my coaching, and the fact that I make myself available to you 24/7 for text messaging as enough to justify the small increase in cost for you. As you are aware, NONE of this money goes to me. The GST goes to the government, and the transaction fee goes to PayPal.

I truly do thank you for your ongoing commitment to our coaching partnership, and I want you to know how intensely I value my relationship with you. It is a true honor to be able to play a small role in your journey, and it humbles me deeply to see the changes in each and every one of you. It literally gives me tears of joy!

So, just to summarise, in total, your additional payment should you wish to continue coaching will be $53/month, which covers both the GST and the PayPal fee. Once again, I reiterate, your price WILL NOT be increasing to the new $650/mth, it will remain at $400 for my service, and an additional $53 to cover fees that are not mine.

Rather than mess around and have you all cancel your current subscriptions, and start new ones, to make it easier, I have just made a new link that covers your GST payment and paypal fees.

To make it easier for those of you who prefer smaller payments, I have also set up a weekly payment option at $12.25 per week, so that you don’t have to pay the $53 in one amount. Please click on the link below that suits you best to set up your payments immediately (I need them set up before the end of July if possible please). If you have any queries, questions or concerns, please contact me. You know I am extremely open to any kind of conversation!

I trust that this doesn’t change anything between us, and I look forward to continuing our coaching journey together. Thank you for your understanding.

Much love an honor always,

Holly xx

Weekly payment option – $12.25


Monthly payment option – $53