Coaching with Holly 1200

Coaching with Holly

Hi there, and welcome to our coaching journey.

Firstly, thank you for trusting me, and for allowing me to play a part in your personal journey.

Here are the terms and conditions of our coaching:

  • We have 24 calls altogether: 4 calls per month – all calls are done between 1st and 28th of every month. There are NO calls on the 29th/30th/31st of any month.
  • Each call gives you up to 45 minutes, but some calls will take less time than this. We are more focused on outcome, not ‘time’
  • You are responsible for calling me at the designated time we arranged. If you miss the call, or call late, your time is forfeited (but please know I am always willing to being flexible with changing your times if need be, so long as I am given notice, and am able to accommodate your needs, which depends on my availability)
  • Each person is committed to a minimum coaching term of 6 months at this price. Should you wish to continue after 6 months, you will be offered the same price on a monthly basis
  • Payments will continue for 6 monthly payments, or 26 weekly payments, whichever option you choose below.
  • The subscription will automatically stop after these payments have been made.
  • Any missed payments will be automatically tried again 5 days later. If the payment bounces a second time, it will automatically cancel  your subscription, and you are not guaranteed to be offered the same price or coaching opportunity again. So please make sure the correct funds are in your account, and if you have any issues, please let me know in advance.
  • All coaching calls are done on a very intuitive basis, and therefore, there are no ‘systems’ as such that are used with each person. Everything is completely personalised, and guided by the ‘universe’.
  • Please note, I do not have any form of “qualification”, or “degree” that ‘qualifies’ me to coach you. My expertise comes from life experience, and what I consider to be a ‘gift’ I was born with. Each person chooses to do coaching with that understanding.
  • I accept no liability for any misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the topics we will discuss. You choose to embark on this coaching program at your own risk, and with full responsibility.

I really do look forward to helping you grow, learn and heal. Much love and abundant blessings to you!

Love Holly

Please use the subscribe buttons below to set up your payments. You can pay monthly, fortnightly, or weekly, just choose the option that suits you best.


Upfront Payment in full (save 10%) – $6600 (inc GST)

Monthly Payment Option – $1200 x 6 payments

Fortnightly Payment Option – $553.85 x 13 payments

Weekly Payment Option – $276.92 x 26 payments