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Creating space for change

In order to bring in the new, we must create space by letting go of the old… That’s where most people fail… Not in wanting more, but in letting go of less…

May you be a blessing to yourself right now, and decide in this moment to begin with the courage to “clean up” your life by letting go of choices, habits, thoughts, pay offs and most of all, the PEOPLE in your life who are liabilities to your future, not assets.  The difference between a liability and an asset is value… if something increases in value, it is considered an asset. If it decreases in value, it is considered a liability.

Who ADDS value to your life? Who gives life to YOU just be being around them? They are your assets! Who sucks you dry and leaves you feeling exhausted, annoyed, constantly misunderstood and agitated either in, or once you leave their presence?

I don’t believe there’s any such thing as “finding” courage. We all have it, and we know exactly where it is. We just don’t DECIDE to use it.  A courageous life is a fearless life!! If you can decide to have the courage and the discipline to clean up your “friends” list, and limit the amount of access some people have to you, your life will change without you even trying, and life will be a whole new journey for you with a lot less baggage to carry!

When you create space, the universe fills that space by sending you new people to develop relationships with that will serve you much better… But the question is, will you create the space? Or will you allow those same people to continue to hold you hostage to the life you don’t want for another whole year that you can never get back?

My wish for you is that you see the VALUE in cleaning up your “friends” list, not the cost. The greatest COST you will ever pay is in allowing that list to remain the same, but expecting a different result. That will only lead to a life of frustration and insanity!

You see, your associations determine the ideas you are exposed to most often, and therefore the thoughts that you think… your thoughts create your emotions, emotions create your actions, and your actions create your results. So by changing your associations, you will change your thoughts, and therefore, your entire life changes! Belief systems are nothing other than a thought we have thought over and over again. Once you think a thought enough times, it becomes  your belief system, which is the subconscious programming you operate from.

Begin with the end in mind, my friend… You are worthy of being surrounded ONLY by the people who raise you up and move you forwards… invest in assets, not liabilities. Get on to that list, not now, but RIGHT now!

May every breath you take from that point onwards feel lighter, deeper, and like it actually gives LIFE to you! Enjoy the journey full of abundance, promise and possibility that now lies ahead of you…

Stay amazing, and EXPECT Success!

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