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Wednesday 15th May
8.00pm (Adelaide)

Hosted by Holly

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What you'll learn:

➔ 3 Sentences that work EVERY time

No more nagging, yelling and repeating! Learn the language that has your children CHOOSING to listen to you. Exhaustion ends here!

➔ The BIGGEST LIE you ever believed about discipline

Let go of the lie we’ve all been sold on – Punishments don’t work and they only add fuel to the fire (incase you hadn’t already noticed?!) Replace punishments with conscious discipline and watch it work immediately!

➔ The ONE KEY to conscious discipline

Learn the “Anti-Anger Approach” to discipline – why you can’t stop yelling even though you wish you could and how to change it all instantly and effortlessly

Danielle K

“If parenting came with a manual, this would be it!” 

– Dani

“I’ve done so many parenting programs and webinars, but nothing worked like this. Understanding the soul level stuff made all the difference immediately!”

– Laura

“This stuff works, and it works instantly!”

– Tamara

Want to resolve lost connection with your children?

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