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Overcoming FEAR

It’s one or the other. . . FEAR or FAITH? They cannot co-exist!

fear is not real
Truth. When you have faith, there is no fear. Fear can only exist in the absence of faith. Not knowledge, but FAITH. Faith exists not in what you ‘know’, but what you don’t know!  When you feel fearful, you don’t have a ‘fear’ problem, you have a FAITH problem. Instead of thinking of how to remove the fear, instead, focus on how you can introduce faith. By bringing faith IN, fear must automatically GO. Like darkness and light, they too cannot co-exist. You never have to worry about “removing darkness”… you just have to introduce light, and by default the darkness must dissipate.

So what is faith? The best description I have ever heard is this:

“faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”

fear faith
You don’t have to know, you just have to trust. Avoid working on “not having fear”, because “what you think about you bring about”, and “what you focus on EXPANDS”, hence this will result in only more fear!

So, work on your FAITH, in believing in what you cannot see, and the fear will dissolve by default. Your attention must always be given to what you WANT, not what you don’t want. Fear is one of the strongest emotions, and therefore vibrations, and therefore it attracts more of itself so easily.

Remember you cannot ‘delete’ a thought, you can only REPLACE a thought. So trying not to think about what makes you fearful will NEVER work. It will only strengthen the fearful thought. You must have another thought you can call on, to replace the fearful thought. By thinking something else, the fearful thought must leave. 2 thoughts cannot exist in  your mind at the same time… so next time you find yourself in a situation where you “can’t stop thinking about something”, it’s only because you haven’t purposely given yourself something else to think. You are actually in full control at all times.

Feelings come from thoughts. And thoughts are CHOICES. At any moment, you can choose to think a different thought. In doing so, it will produce a different feeling, and then the feeling produces a different behaviour, which then produces a different result!

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