Powerful Parenting Retreat 2019

Powerful Parenting Retreat 2019



Welcome to this transformational, deeply profound retreat, where your ‘conscious parenting’ will take on a whole new paradigm! It would be my honour to share this weekend with you. I strongly advise, where at all possible, that both parents/step-parents/caregivers attend, so that everyone leaves on the same page, aligned in the new direction they want to take their parenting, and are therefore able to provide consistency to the children.

Where this is not possible, please do not worry. Your own personal experience will be enough to change the entire trajectory of your parenting journey, and by default, the life of your child! In this case though, I urge you to bring a friend. Someone you can share this experience with, and someone you can connect with after the event to support and encourage each other.

Lets be honest, ‘conscious parenting’ can be a tough gig. It takes immense bravery to go deep enough within yourself to be able to see the experience you provide for your children, which can often times be traumatic for them. Therefore, not everyone embraces conscious parenting. It is far easier to play the role of a parent according to the programming and mass-produced limited thinking of society.  Sometimes, this can make your conscious parenting a ‘tougher’ journey, if noone around you understands why you do and say what you do. This is why I urge to you experience this part of your journey with someone if you can. That way, when it seems like the entire world is against you, but you feel so strongly about the shift in the way you parent, you will always have someone you can chat with that will always cheer for you, and you for them.

For this reason, you will see below that I am providing an incentive for you to come along with someone, and for the first time ever, I am allowing that ‘someone’ to be a friend, not just a partner. If you bring a partner or friend,  you get a $500 discount!!

If the payment options below don’t suit you, I have payment plans available for as little as $30 per week, but you will need to contact me privately as these are organised on an individual basis, with terms and conditions attached. But still, you have options which are super affordable!!

Here are the topics we will cover (but in addition to these, there are some surprises also):

  • Discover your true ‘parenting values’
  • Dissolve your ‘triggers’ that cause you to be the parent you don’t want to be
  • Set a new blueprint for true connection and deep intimacy with your kids
  • Develop language that builds their self-esteem and self-worth IMMEDIATELY
  • Create your parenting manifesto
  • Remove EVERY OUNCE of guilt and shame that you carry as a parent!!!!
  • Heal yourself and by default, your child
  • Understand your child’s soul journey and learn how to honour it – a child’s purpose

What you get:

 Full program on how to get your kids to listen without having to nag, remind and yell!
 Access to the “4 pillars of conscious parenting” which covers my ‘Crystal Ball’ theory and allows you to look into, and improve your child’s future
 Discover the simple words that will dramatically change your child’s behavior immediately, making life easier for you!
 A copy of my “Parent Handbook” where I give you the exact sentences (over 50 of them) that take your family from conflict to connection instantly
 Uncover your own true parenting values, and actually begin enjoying parenthood like you originally thought you would!
 Plus loads more…

To give you an idea of some of the work we do at this retreat, below is my personal parenting manifesto I created 3 years ago. I wanted to share it with you, and I ask that you sit and listen with your heart wide open, and pay attention to anything that resonates with you, or that perhaps brings tears to your eyes. Then I want you to realise that you are experiencing this emotion whilst watching MY manifesto… so imagine the emotion you will feel when you get to create your own!! Imagine the difference that will make to the way you parent, without even including anything else!

Your parenting manifesto is your soul’s message to your children. You can only create your manifesto once you truly know what your parenting values are, which I assure you, NOONE knows. Typically, we have values that were given to us, but they don’t ‘belong’ to us. This is the reason parenting feels so exhausting. Because we are parenting outside of our true soul values, without realising, which puts us in a constant state of being out of alignment. When we are out of alignment with our soul, we are essentially committing an act of self-betrayal… and this is the deepest injury the soul can suffer.

In order to secure your Super Early Bird discount of $500 per person, please select one of the payment options below. Please note, if you are choosing to do a payment plan over 3 months, you must pay the deposit upfront, and then also sign up to a subscription of 3 monthly payments. You will therefore need to click on TWO buttons below. If you are paying in full, there is only one payment for you to make. If you have any queries, please send a text to me directly on 0466157063.

I look forward to sharing this transformational weekend with you!!

Love Holly xx


Payment options:

Single payment in full – $2000 


Couples payment in full – $3500


Single payment plan over 3 months – please make your deposit payment of $250, AND click on the subscribe button also.

Deposit of $250


3 month payment plan of $583.33


Couples payment plan over 3 months – please make your deposit of $400, AND click on the subscribe button also.

Deposit of $400


3 month payment plan of $1033.33


For more information on payment plans as low as $30 per week, please call or text me on 0466157063.