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Mother – Women’s Circle

17 September 2023 | 10am to 5pm (Adelaide Time)

Mother: the conduit for human life – the portal through which another soul chooses to enter this experience of human consciousness. She conceives, she creates, she births, she nurtures, she loves.

This women’s circle will be an extremely special, intimate gathering of women who will come together to reflect and hold with great reverence the journey that is motherhood. In this space we will celebrate through ceremony, open our hearts through ritual and journey deeply through the many transitions of our lives – from daughter, to woman, to mother.

If you are a woman who has had any experience with motherhood, you are invited to share in this space – this includes those who have had angel babies that never incarnated into this life (miscarriages and terminations), and babies that were birthed into your life without necessarily being birthed through your body (fostered and adopted).

I look forward to sitting with you in circle.


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