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Honour the purpose of your union

Our relationships reflect the most unhealed parts of ourselves. Create a safe place for your shadows to reveal themselves and learn how to meet each other in love, even amidst your triggers.

You, Me, Us

Next Date

May 3 – 5, 2024


10am Friday to 4pm Sunday
Breakfree Wirrina Cove, Wirrina Cove  SA

We are not meant to work for love,
we are meant to rest in it.

Relationships are living organisms. Anything that has the ability to grow, thrive, wilt, die, change and transform is a living organism – humans, plants, animals, nature… and relationships!

Relationships are an entity of their own, separate from the two individual selves within them. In each relationship there are three separate entities… You, Me, and Us.

Within the space of ‘us’, there is a ‘we’… WE are the container which holds the three pillars that determine the ‘health’ of our relationship at any given moment – these pillars are intimacy, connection and communication. WE are equally responsible for each of them.

In order to extract all the value each of these pillars have to offer us both individually and as a couple, we must let go – of the masks, the walls, the protection mechanisms, the resistance – we must surrender and return to the place of trust and true “in-to-me-see”. 

It is time to take the chance, to embrace ‘the risk’ and show up in all of our totality with each other – to engage with each other with unarmoured hearts. 

It can be scary, it’s vulnerable… but it’s time.  If this sentence resonates with you, then you know you are being called to this space.

Our relationships are also the primary place for expressing and nurturing our sexual energy, which is our life force energy. It is our most natural state.  It is  essential to be deeply connected to this energy both as individuals and as a couple. This energy is not just about sex itself, but it encompasses so much more – it is where we find our most succulent aliveness, and it is the place we birth all of our creations from in our lives.  When our sexual energy shuts down, so does our life.  

Without an open portal to this energy, each of us perish… and in time, so too does the relationship.  

To perish does not mean to die. It means ‘to lose it’s original quality – to rot or decay’.  Often, this is what our relationships accidentally become… a perished, rotten, decayed version of their original quality.  But it doesn’t need to be this way and it is never too late to change it and reverse the ‘damage’!

When we individually open to our sexual energy, we automatically allow our relationships to open and expand also. Our relationships then become the perfect place to explore the depths of ourselves and each other, particularly within the roles of the masculine and feminine. Individually, this expands our lives. As a couple, this expands our love.

This retreat is where you will have the opportunity to create a new blueprint. To do love differently. To release yourselves from the limiting, outdated scripts society handed you about love and replace them with an empowering one – one where both individuals thrive, grow, expand and bloom.

Allow me to show you a new way. A better, more connected way… I want to show you how to create a space where you can both bathe your wounds in love and safety.  

Where you can marinate in all of the feelings and experiences we all want more of… 

Where you feel seen, heard and understood… 

Where you can ask for space to be held, without feeling like you ‘take up all the space’…

Where you both become the best version of yourselves because the container of your relationship holds and supports you.

This retreat is for couples who want to re-ignite and amplify their passion, attraction and desire for each other.  Who want to end the power struggles, and ‘find their place’ where they can rest in utmost peace, surrender, trust and alignment. 

This is for couples who want their relationship to feel like their safe place again.

The key is to know how to truly become ‘partners’ so we can traverse this unchartered terrain together, in each of these three pillars, within the container of ‘us’… as a ‘we’.

Do not fall in love darling. Rise in love.

The entirety of our wholeness can be found within the journey of our relationships… our highest selves, our darkest shadows, and everything in between. It is through our relationships that we are introduced to parts of ourselves we have never experienced before – where we find ourselves in edges we have no idea how to navigate.

These are the moments that offer us opportunity for expansion, if only it is safe enough for us to open to them.

The purpose of our romantic union is to call each other to higher levels of expansion. I know this to be true, because even if you leave a person, the patterns continue to follow you.  A lesson missed will only become a lesson repeated.  It is often not the person we run from, but the lesson.

Relationships are the portal through which we have the ability to explore our perpetual depths… and the safe harbour we can return to when we need to rest.

There is purpose in the pain...

Through the union of our relationships, our deepest wounds are revealed, often infected by the resistance of our partner, pulling us both into our shadows, leaving us scarred and wounded, with no option but to find our own way out.

The kaleidoscope of emotions within our storms is what makes up the profound beauty of a relationship, but if not explored consciously, can become the venom that destroys it.

It is often not the circumstances themselves that are the cause of our pain, but what these circumstances reflect for us, within ourselves. Our suffering comes not from our partner, but from the trauma of our past that these circumstances trigger. If we can surrender to these moments, and realise it is not ‘our partner’ that is causing the pain, we will stop blaming each other and these moments will offer us the healing our soul is searching for by using each other as the messenger.

It is easy for our relationship to highlight our trauma, but it also needs to hold it.  We must work on ourselves enough to be able to provide this space for each other. Highlight, hold and heal.

That is what the You, Me, Us retreat is about.

Immerse yourself in a weekend of light and love as you come to deeper understandings of each other, yourselves and how it all plays out within the union of your relationship. Explore your edges around intimacy, connection and communication and use the expansion you gain to weave the fabric of your new masterpiece, together.

Exclusive for 7 couples only. Applications are open.

I look forward to journeying with you both…


Holly xx

Inclusions and topics of the retreat

Let’s connect and explore how this immersive retreat will help you move forwards. Reach out and book a call with me today. Click here to send a message and arrange a call with me.

I look forward to journeying with you


$6,200 AUD

Payment plans from $232/week

Pricing includes 2 nights accommodation and meals. Also includes 30 day integration process post retreat, including 2 group zoom calls and daily emails.

Note: Daily emails are exercises that take only 5 minutes, helping you continue working together as a couple and deepening your intimacy, connection and communication.

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