Teaching your kids to honor their feelings

Teaching your kids to honor their feelings, rather than distract themselves from them

All of the baggage we carry as adults, comes from the unresolved emotions we felt as a child.

Teaching your kids to feel their emotions, and to honor them exactly as they are will allow them to live a life of vulnerability and a feeling of freedom.

It is a courageous act for us, as the parents, to allow them to feel what they are feeling, because what hurts them hurts us. But if we can keep our own agenda out the way, and allow ourselves to become comfortable in our own vulnerability, by default, we give permission for our children to do the same.

There is so much power in vulnerability, and teaching your children how to honor their emotions helps them to find that power. This video explains how, and offers a perspective you may not have thought of before.

Enjoy, and Stay Amazing!

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