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The biggest well-kept secret to your success EXPOSED!!

How to increase the power of your mind to manifest what you’re asking for, “by accident”!

Everyone on the path to “success”, who self-educate and study principles that govern success in any area of life, know that our lives are determined by the subconscious script that continues to play inside our minds, that tells us what we’re worth, what we’re capable of, and ultimately, determines what we attract.

We also know that the most powerful way to re-write these scripts so that our internal conversation is one that serves us better, is through the use of affirmations and incantations.

Many of us write pages of affirmations, put them on cards, say them repeatedly, but often not consistently. It’s easy to “forget” to say them, or not be in the mood to say them, or even worse, to say them out of discipline, but to not FEEL what we are saying, and therefore, in effect, we are speaking incongruently, which does NOT help to change the belief system at all.

In order for affirmations to be EFFECTIVE, our vibration, our energy, must match that which we are speaking, as though it has ALREADY happened.

There must be a change in our physiology, a “state” that we put ourselves in when we speak these affirmations, in order to convince the subconscious mind that it has already taken place. But often this is not the case, and therefore, the affirmations are ineffective.

So an easy way to become more consistent and congruent with our affirmations, to involve our bodies (physiology), as well as our minds (thought), is to create an environment or a situation where you barely even know you are doing them… or at least, these affirmations are ‘switched on’ by default, and don’t have to be something you are completely conscious of, therefore, they become less effort on your part, and more effective at the same time!

The biggest secret to your success, therefore, is to exercise! Through exercise, you can fast-track your progress “by accident”.

This video only goes for 1:45, and will convey my point more effectively than I can with text!


So now that we understand that exercise can be used as a MIND technique, even moreso than any physical purpose it serves, the question may now be, “so how do I find the time to exercise”. On that note, here is an article that will help you balance your life so that you can include exercise as part of it.

You see, when we exercise, we are not just saying the words of the affirmation to ourselves… our physiology is congruent with these words, we BELIEVE what we are saying, and our bodies respond. In this way, they become incantations, not just affirmations.

When you are running on a treadmill, or walking up a hill, or lifting weights, or whatever you decide to do in the way of exercise that causes discomfort or pain, inside your mind you are telling yourself “I can do it”, “don’t stop”, “get to the top” etc.  You are intentional with these sentences… you’re not saying them just because some book on success said you should… you’re saying it because you MEAN it, and you actually achieve what you said you would… you DO make it to the top, or you DO finish the time you set, or whatever it may be.

In this way, the subconscious mind learns to understand that your affirmations are directly connected to your achievements, and it becomes more effective in re-writing the internal scripts you have, and instructing the conscious mind on it’s action plan, not only in exercise, but in EVERY area of your life.

It’s like the subconscious says to itself “whatever you tell me happens… and you’ve just told me you’ll get the job/earn the money/grow the business etc, so let’s go ahead and create the sequence of events that will cause that to happen… conscious mind, here’s what you need to do…”. Immediately, it sets the plan into motion through instructing the conscious mind, and what you want begins to manifest, and all because you didn’t just “say” affirmations, you MEANT them. You felt them. The subconscious works with your vibrations, not your “words”.

Sometimes it’s hard to actually believe in the success we are asking for. We want it, and we want to believe we’ll get there, but it’s hard to SEE ourselves with it. In these cases, affirmations on their own will be less effective, if at all.

So if this is what’s going on with you, use EXERCISE, and watch things change!! The sentences you use while exercising will be attached to the emotions you felt when you said it. From that point on, the subconscious will use the same emotion every time you repeat that sentence, even when you say it about something different. That emotion and that sentence have already been wired together through ‘exercise’, which now makes it more effective when you’re talking about your finances, or other goals and dreams, using the same words, saying “I can do it”!

Get out and exercise. Don’t try to “find the time”, MAKE the time. If you now understand its value, you will make it a priority. Remember, none of us have a “time” problem, we only have a “priority” problem! To understand 4 simple steps to balancing your life right NOW, read this article!


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