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soul-centred conscious parenting

Connection where it counts

Break toxic generational cycles

This program provides parents with the tools they need to break the cycle. If you want a new, healthier blueprint to raise your children with, this is it! The cycle ends today.

Learn your child's Love Language

Love is the foundation upon which a child builds their entire sense of self - knowing their love language is key to building lifelong trust and meaningful connections with your children.

Discipline with connection not control

Teach your child to become conscious, not compliant. Conscious Discipline builds a self-aware child who responds and improves each time you address their behaviour.

Stop the trauma - restore your child's self esteem

Anger and yelling comes at a cost that is too high for both parent and child. Understand your child from a soul perspective, and create an environment that feels safe.

no parent delays another day!

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Learning Solutions

The Four Pillars of
Conscious Parenting

The Four Pillars of Conscious Parenting offer an all-encompassing approach to parenting that is both practical and soul-centred. Each pillar makes a pivotal contribution in raising children who are self-aware, responsible and who love and believe in themselves.

Each pillar is carefully crafted to help parents achieve the behaviours they want from their children in supportive and connected ways. From toddlers to teens and everything in between, this program will balance your home and give you kids who listen, while fostering deep connections simultaneously - no more yelling and being angry. That cycle stops today!

The First Pillar:

Love Languages, Self Esteem and Praise

Failing to understand your child’s love language can result in them feeling unheard, unseen and unloved. This is often the cause of behavioural issues, particularly sibling rivalry and a refusal to listen.  

In this pillar you will learn how to connect with your child energetically, not just psychologically – on a soul level, not just a mind level. Children are energy sensitive beings – they feel us long before they hear and understand us! Learn each child’s ‘love language’ and ensure your love is translating. 

Behaviour changes instantly when love is spoken in a child’s authentic soul language. This pillar also teaches you how to build true self-esteem in your child so they don’t become people pleasers, and instead they are able to build a strong sense of self and live their life with confidence and a high level of self-worth.


The Second Pillar:

Conscious Discipline

Discipline is where most parents unintentionally crush their child’s self esteem – so the child has no choice but to attempt to preserve their own power in some way (eg back-chat, rebellion, tantrums, agruing). Learn how to discipline your child without being angry, intimidating, shouting or making your child feel unsafe. 

Eliminate consequences, punishments, threats, time-outs, taking things away – these doesn’t work anyway, they only diminish your connection with your child and they’re exhausting for you as a parent. 

Replace these un-natural consequences with connected, conscious discipline using my word-for-word sentences and step-by-step processes that will have your child responding to you effortlessly. 

Connect with your child through discipline so they make better choices, not because they are told to, but because they actually want to and know how to.  When a child feels safe enough, they will extract a true learning experience from each disciplinary moment. This allows them to show up with better behaviour and most importantly, with their sense of self still in tact.

The Third Pillar:

Conflict, Connection & Communication

Learn the parental mistakes that create conflict, even when it is unintentional. The way parents speak to their children is the cause of almost all disconnection, resistance and power plays. Language is key. Reduce the conflict in your home, including the sibling rivalry, and replace it with genuine connection and effective communication. 

This pillar teaches you how to speak to your children with language that creates immediate results and also builds their resilience and adaptability, which further increases their self-esteem. This is where you get the chance to truly prepare them for life.

In this pillar you will learn the deep subconscious messaging your children are currently receiving from you, and how this is contributing to their misbehaviours and low self-esteem. It can be very confronting, but it is also extremely liberating because once you know what’s causing your issues you can learn exactly how to fix it.  Shifting the relationship between you and your child is often more about what you need to stop doing rather what you need ‘to do’. 

Transform the energy of your home from conflict to connection with the content of this pillar alone. Once you know better, you can do better.

The Fourth Pillar:

Emotions and Trauma

Heal existing trauma and prevent any further emotional trauma that may have been created through particular experiences your child has endured, or even accidentally as a result of the way you have parented until now.  It is never too late, not even if your children are already teenagers or young adults.

Every time our children feel rejected, denied, dismissed or devalued, it affects their self-esteem and causes emotional trauma. It makes them disown parts of themselves.

This pillar helps you stop trauma in its tracks and create an environment that feels safe so that no emotional suppression takes place. This pillar also provides each parent with opportunities to heal themselves, as you realise why your child triggers you the way they do.

From a spiritual perspective, our children are here to call us forwards to our higher levels of expansion. This pillar gives you a deep understanding of both yourself and your child on deep emotional levels, and how generational trauma is playing out in your family as well as exactly what you can do to break the cycle once and for all so that it is not passed onto your children.

Here’s a confronting question for you, but let's be real:

How bad do things have to get before you say:
"No more! The cycle stops with me - I want my connection with my kids back!"

It's never too late to change things, we promise!
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Student Community Feedback

Hear from real families, with real transformations, in record time.
Danielle K
Mother of 2 & School Teacher
“If parenting came with a manual, this would be it! We started implementing Holly's ideas and saw an immediate change in our children's behaviour and self-esteem. The weekly calls totally got my husband and I on the same page. I've done so many other programs but there's nothing like this. This will be the last one you ever look for!”
Nicole M
Mother of 4 & School Teacher
“This program saved my son's life! He has ADHD and Autism, and had been seeing a psychologist for 5 years previously. He was struggling with shame and low self esteem. Within 4 weeks everything changed! Today he is confident, empowered and his authentic self with no anger outbursts or destructive behaviour and meltdowns.”
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You get LIFETIME access to this program. You can take as long as you like to get through the information and you can always refer back to it later when your kids are at different stages of development.

NOOOO! This is the one thing we wanted to make sure of – the last thing parents need is “another thing to do” when they are already exhausted! Our children aren’t robots, they are people! Which means what works for one child may not work for the next one. This is why you can access specific coaching on a LIVE group zoom call every week as part of the Coaching Package Subscription.  You also get access to the private community where you can post questions as often as you need, as well as search for past replays using keywords.  You are supported the whole time.

All replays are posted in the private community the following day, so you can access the replay any time you need.

Yes! There are weekly payment plans available at only $17/week. You will get full access to the program as soon as you make your first payment.  If you miss a payment your access will be restricted until you make your payment, at which point you will receive instant access again.

Yes! Both you and your partner can do this program together, and you only have to pay ONCE! I strongly encourage both of you doing it together so that the kids get consistency and you can both be on the same page. Also, different parenting styles often causes discord in relationships, and we discuss topics like these, and how to handle them on the weekly live calls. So not only will your parenting improve, so will your relationship, which means your whole house benefits!

Yes! The coaching package includes the private community and the weekly zoom calls, and the cost is only $14/month on a subscription. You have full control and can manage your own subscriptions in  your online portal. It is easy to find, and you can turn it on and off as you like.  There are NO minimum payments or lock-in contracts of any kind. Even if you cancel the coaching package you still keep the online program!

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