I'm EXCITED to announce the launch of my first children's book...

1st Dec 2015 - THANK YOU for all your support. This book has just gone No 1 Best Seller on Amazon.com!

See the screenshot below - We beat Dr. Seuss!

​Hard copies and e-versions both available worldwide.

“And right there in my bed

Snuggled tight, warm and curled,

I realised what ideas were –

They are things that change the world!”

When reading this book, I was brought to tears at the realisation that my children were going to be so positively impacted by such a simple, yet powerful read. My everlasting gratitude to Holly Nunan for sharing her gift and helping parents all around the globe teach life's simple principles in a way children understand and enjoy.

Natalie Papaioannou,
Engineer, mother of 2

An incredible rhyming book that keeps children intrigued. This book allows children to know that it is okay to dream big!!! Children reading this incredible book will be opened up to the gift of believing in themselves as well as gaining an understanding of how to follow the path to their dreams

Samantha Lee,
Pre School Educator

"Takes children on their journey of self-discovery. Positive and enlightening. A true gem!"

Sabrina Leo,
Mother of 2, Entrepreneur

"By the beginning of the second page I immediately knew this was a book I wanted to buy. I could see the great potential in it really helping my kids to understand and pay attention to their thoughts, and to believe in them!"

Lisa Mathews,
Single Mother of 2