About Holly, and what others are saying

About Holly

Holly Nunan is a mother of 3, an entrepreneur, a powerful business woman, a leader, an international best-selling children’s author, and a highly sought after motivational speaker and trainer. She is fast becoming the leading authority in Australia on conscious parenting, teaching parents, teachers and caregivers all over the world how to raise children who are self-aware, and full of self-esteem, self-belief, self-love and self-worth.

Her ability to teach an audience, and deliver a message that resonates with their soul is unparalleled. Her work doesn’t just “inspire and motivate”, it leaves a lasting impact on the lives of those who are fortunate enough to cross her path.

Thousands of parents and teachers tune in every week to Holly’s live Facebook broadcasts, and are astounded by the instant improvements in the behavior of their children, just by making simple adjustments in the language they use.

Holly teaches how to parent from a new perspective, which takes the exhaustion out of parenting, and brings harmony back into the home. Holly’s principles breed a deeper sense of connectedness between adults and children, leaving each feeling more empowered and at peace.

In addition to teaching on parenting, Holly teaches on consciousness, helping those who are awakened to fast-track their journey towards their life purpose, to heal emotional wounds, let go of the past, and remove the blocks that hold them back from their abundance. These profound teachings allow everyone to live congruent, authentic, empowered and true-to-themselves lives, which is extremely freeing and fulfilling.


What others say about Holly…

Watch a 90 second video from Lisa Ormenessy from Vibalicious Art, who has been coached by Holly for the past 4 months.

“I’m a business coach, and an artist. I approached Holly for coaching because I wanted to explore my art more, and learn how to not feel guilty for being in my purpose and in my spirit. I knew I needed to move from my head to my heart, and that’s exactly what coaching with Holly has allowed me to do. I can now nurture myself without feeling stress and guilt. I now live my life with alot more grace and ease.”

For those that that are also embracing their awakening journey, and who like me wish they could bottle the beauty of this experience, please allow me to channel your journey into a piece of art so you can remember, reconnect, re-energise your spiritual journey with just one look. For more details go to http://www.vibaliciousart.com/spiritualjourney

Watch a 2 minute video from Bronwyn Paynter, who has been coached by Holly for the past 9 months. 

“I find it hard to put into words the effect that Holly has had on my life. I met Holly 9 months ago at a time where I was trying to make sense of things that had impacted me deeply in the past, and was looking to create a different future and not keep going around in circles with unhelpful thought patterns and emotions… with Holly’s support I’ve been able to identify my intuition… my friends and family have commented that I’m calmer, less up-tight, and there are times that I have been able to feel the peace, and the joy, and the grace that I want to achieve in my life. I will always think of Holly, and the people who led me to her, with enormous gratitude, for the amazing difference she’s made in helping me find myself again.”

Watch a 30 second video from Tamara Metcalf from True to You who has been coached by Holly for 6 months

“Holly came into my life when I was at a real crossroads, and the tools and the wisdom that she’s given me is something that I can take forth every day with all that I do. The effect she’s had on all areas of my life has just been incredible. I now have purpose, I live in my passion, I deal with things as they come up instead of suppressing them. I have alot of clarity on the effect of things from years and years ago, and how they’ve impacted my life up until this point. I’ll be forever grateful for all that you’ve taught me Holly.”


Natalie Papaioannou – from Keep Our Kids Healthy

Wow! When I get asked by people what I think of Mrs Holly Nunan, I have to stop and think.  There are few words available that are worthy of being used to describe her character.  They say “when you find your message, you find your million”… her message is heard loud and clear by all who are ready to receive it.  Why blend in when you were born to stand out! A life of service is a life on purpose…and she serves!! My personal experience with Holly is one that spans two years so far. When I first met Mrs Nunan, I was completely blown away.  All I wanted was her energy, her purpose! I asked her if she would spare her limited time to speak with me to try and get to the core of what was holding me back and my reasons ‘why’!  She agreed without hesitation and that 1.5hrs marked the beginning of my transformation.  She has since been with me through my journey, by my side and guiding me the whole way! The principles she has taught me have not only helped me in buisness but I am able to use them in every area of my life.  I am a better mother, a better friend and better wife because of the princples I have learnt directly from Holly.  I now know there is more in store for me and my family, we can believe, we can dream and the best part is I can teach my boys the same thing.  I am equipped with the tools and principles to raise them to be independent, full of self belief, responsible for their own actions and to really understand what it means to be leaders.  To hold out their hands to others and guide the way to better versions of themselves, to be leaders leading leaders!  For that, I am eternally grateful. There will never be a conversation that I have with her, where I am the same person when we finish as I was when we started that conversation. I am now incredibly lucky to not only call her a mentor but also a dear friend whom I cherish immensely.Thank you Mrs Nunan
Natalie Papaioannou, Adelaide, Mother of 2 young boys, engineer/project manager, Onwer of “Keep our kids healthy” FB page

kelley danielleKelley Danielle

From the very first time I heard from Mrs Holly Nunan, she had such an impact on me, I remember it was on a conference call and I was literally hanging on her every word through the phone. Two months ago I was in a conference to which Mrs Nunan was speaking, and this moment for me was so life altering that I walked out of that conference a completely different person to whom I walked in as. You see, when Mrs Nunan talks, she talks from heart, she talks with so much conviction that your soul literally stands to attention, you just can’t help but feel that everything that is being said, has meaning and purpose. My life changed for the better that day, which I personally found rather confronting. I walked into a business meeting and walked out of there feeling like I just had a personal life coaching session. That is what makes Mrs Nunan so unique, in a room full of people, and I mean hundreds of people, she makes you feel like you are the only one there and that she is taking the time to speak just to you, as though you count, and it’s not that she just says the right things the right way, she comes at things with a passion and a desire to really impact peoples lives, and it honestly shows. You can have ten people say the same thing, but I guarantee that none of them will say it the way Mrs Nunan does, she really does have a gift. I honestly believe that people come into our lives for a reason, they come in at the right time, with the right message, said in the right way for it to effect you in some way, to make you question yourself and find the real reason of “you” which impacts your life so profoundly that it can only get better. Mrs Nunan talks about Kairos Moments, and I truly believe that being in the room with Mrs Holly Nunan was one of those moments for me, it was the day that my world stopped still for that time and changed the axis on which I was spinning. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the world is a better place for having Mrs Nunan in it.

Kelley Danielle, mother of 2, small business owner


melissa Melissa Molinari

Since meeting Holly 12 months ago my life has changed for the better.  I was so caught up in my everyday life that I had forgotten to live.  Holly has educated me on business principles, relationships and parenting.  My weaknesses are her strengths.  I have been able to apply this information into my life and create a work life balance for myself and my family.

I am a better business woman, better mother, for having implemented her teachings.

Holly is infectious.  You can’t help but be inspired by her leadership, her determination and her courage.  I am truly blessed to have her in my life as a very special friend.
Melissa, Mother of 1, Chef, Small business owner, Perth.

alex Alex Guidolin

The first time I met Mrs Holly Nunan, I approached her and asked if she would have any spare time to meet with me to discuss an issue I was going through at that time. She happily agreed and organized at time. At this meeting, she taught me to follow my heart and do what I felt was right for me and my partner. She allowed me to see clearly, that my choice was the right one and so, I’ve followed my decision and have never looked back. The most amazing thing however, is the fact that Mrs Nunan had no financial benefit in catching up with me and giving me advice. This one act has shown me just the type of person she is. She is kind, giving, inspirational and very professional. me Thank you Mrs Nunan for all you share and teach us.

Alex Guidolin Highbury SA Business – ‘Beauty by Alexandra’ -Facebook page


 Andrew andyFoster

(written in 2015) I have only known Holly for about a year now but it took only minutes with her to see how fundamental impacting others had become. She emphasises that to be successful you have to add value to other peoples lives. This is exactly what she performs regularly. She has a sense of duty about where you are and where you’re going, and a feeling of obligation to lead you towards your purpose.

For me there are so many moments that I have experienced which have changed my thinking and therefore my actions, however the one that stands out the most is when she lead a training day on transformation. This whole day was such a powerful experience but it was derived from a person who has such an affinity for listening to others and to maximise their potential.

I must mention that I believe there are no accidents in life, so my meeting Holly was for a purpose greater than I can describe here. But in short I am an Englishman who had a burning desire to come to Australia. I truly believe that the reason for me doing so was to meet this astonishing young lady, for I am a completely different person one year on.

In summary she has taught me to be mentally stronger, to believe that I hold the power to pursue my dreams. She has encouraged me to look deeper into my spirit to discover who I am, she has inspired me to look at what i want from life and to know that i am good enough to achieve anything. In fact she teaches me that I deserve it, as what I seek, seeks me.

Andrew Foster, 27, Personal Trainer, England.


renee Renee Caruana

I’ve known Holly for less than a year, and within that time, she has already changed my life. Through the life and wealth principles that she teaches and practices, she has taught me what years of schooling does not, and cannot. Working closely with Holly, she has put a belief in myself that I never had before. I always had a very shy and quiet personality, but after working along-side Holly for the past 9 months, with her incredible leadership skills and character she has changed both my professional and personal views, assisting me to become more confident in myself as well as my business. There isn’t just one time that I would be able to pin-point when this inspiring woman has impacted me, as every time I talk to her, I take away something new, something to build on. I never wanted to be a leader before, I was happy to stand in the crowd, but the way that Holly has impacted my life, has made me want to be able to help others believe that they too, are good enough to dream big. Like Mrs Nunan has done for me.

Renée Caruana, Adelaide, Business Owner and Massage Therapist



sabrina Sabrina Leo

I first heard Mrs Holly Nunan speak in June 2014, and what I refer to as: ‘the lowest moments in my life’. After battling many life- issues including cancer and financial loss, I was led me to cross paths and learn from Holly. That cold Saturday morning Mrs Nunan’s words shot into my heart like an arrow. She delivered a raw truth that hurt my pride and bought me to tears- yet gave me the insight and knowledge to understand what I needed to do to make positive changes in my life. I drove away that day knowing I was going to soak in every word she spoke- for the impact she had made on me was so profound. Mrs Nunan without knowing has been a large part in my personal journey since that day. During the past year, my life has made a complete 360 degree turn around, I have faced many fears and have improved myself in most areas and I believe a part of this is thanks to Holly’s willingness and passion to help create leaders of the future and to see everyone around her be the best version of themselves. She has an infectious energy and she speaks raw honest truth, which for me is admirable and impacting.

I recently had the honour of spending some personal time with Mrs Nunan on a Leadership Retreat in Bali. The retreat is and will be one of my most pinnacle weeks of my life for many different reasons, however one favourite moment in particular was facing my fear of heights and participating in a trapeze jump thanks to a challenge by Holly herself. Not many people could have encouraged me to face such a large fear- yet Holly has a quality that drives you to release your fears, and to grow, to excel and to live! Holly is not only a smart, straight to the point, experienced and successful business woman. She is an accomplished leader. She is a warm hearted, fun spirited and powerful woman, a loving partner, and an amazing Mother, who is dropping sparkles of brilliance wherever she goes. I am truly honoured to be able to receive knowledge and tools from Mrs Holly Nunan. I’m blessed to now know her as friend, and I wish her all the best in all future endeavours.

Sabrina Leo, mother of 2, Business Owner- Entrepreneur.

Email received from Sabrina Leo…

When I got home today, I presented my kids with three boxes: one for saving, one for spending and one for giving. This was by far, one of the best things I’ve learnt that I’ve been able to pass onto my children. After a week of business meetings every night, and missing them to bits, I topped off my Saturday by spending quality time with them: teaching them one of the greatest peices of wisdom- thanks to you. You are truly amazing, I love your trainings, I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou.