I'm EXCITED to announce the launch of my new children's book...

"When I Talk To Me"

Books available online in both paperback and e-version worldwide!

Extracts from the book...

Conversations are important

They help us grow, and learn and see,

The most important one I'll ever have

Is the one I have with me!


When people laugh and tease me

I say "I won't listen to you",

The only words that can hurt me

Are the ones I believe are true.


"It's not their fault" I tell myself

"Their journey is different to mine,

I don't need permission

To stand out and to shine".


I am rare and precious -

A diamond in the rough,

And no matter what they say


Not unlike the first two books in this series, 'what I say to me' provides the words that every parent wants to whisper to their child at every opportunity. We want our children to not only know but believe how incredible they are and despite the trials and tribulations that can face our children, for them to know they are good enough... this book echos what is it in every parent's heart for their child. Another stellar book by Holly Nunan.

Nat Papaioannou
Mother of 2

I would have benefited from a book like this when I was a child! This book is a valuable contribution to building emotional resiliency in our children.

Kimberly Kevan
Mother of 3

The beautiful words in this book touched my heart as though I was that little girl. Such a powerful message to share with my girls for them to become empowered spirits in this world, and shine the light into their hearts. The illustrations were just amazing, and truly captured the emotions and thoughts perfectly. Holly those words truly touched me, so there was a message in the book for me too. Continue to shine brightly, the world and so many children need to hear your voice!

Jaime Aplin
Mother of 2

When this book was first read to me I said to my husband “this would be just amazing for all of our 3 chil

dren to hear this message about self talk and love”. Our 10 year old in particular struggles with self image and love and I think this is a perfect way to reiterate to her on a daily basis how to love and embrace her own self and for us to share that message with her. Thank you to Holly Nunan for writing a book with real values and messages that can really impact children’s lives!

Keri Ann Walman 
Mother of 2, Stepmother of 4

I am so looking forward to reading this book to many children as a relief teacher. For every family to have a copy and read it often would add so much value to their lives.

Joy Disney

Thank you for all the wonderful reviews of my first book, "What Is An Idea"