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You’re not just the parent, you’re their LEADER!

Becoming conscious of how we program the subconscious mind of our children

Think about it, as parents, we literally are the “electricians” that wire the ” emotions” of our children. When your child had just learned to walk, and they fell flat on their face, he/she looked up at you with a puzzled look on their face, perhaps with their lip dropped but no noise at first, and they looked to you to work out whether or not they should cry, or whether they should get up and run again.

For the parent who jumps up in fear and worry and runs over to the child to check if they’re ok, with a weak and worried tone of voice, the child learns that falling over should hurt, that they will need help, and that they should be fearful and worry in that kind of situation.  So they begin to cry, and from now on, when that situation happens again, their subconscious mind accesses the file that was stored last time, so they recall that information and they react accordingly… they cry every time they fall.  The more they access this file, the more their behaviour becomes automated.

On the other hand, for the parent who speaks in a confident voice and says “oopsie daisy, up you get. You’re ok. Brush it off”, the child releases its fear, doesn’t cry, and is taught that falling over is no big deal and the way to handle it is to get up and keep going. The behaviour of the PARENT teaches the child how to feel.

As parents, we are passing on our ‘perspectives’ of any situation, and we are downloading this ‘software’ onto the hard drive of our children’s minds. This is how we wire their emotions and program their responses, which end up shaping the life they will live.

Becoming conscious of how we behave, react, and the emotion we use in a situation is what teaches our children and shapes who they become. So looking for opportunities to be different, to be a ‘leader’, to think outside the box, will download this software to your child’s mind, and in watching you handle a situation like a leader, it gives them permission and the confidence to do the same. Once this becomes a ‘normal’  and ‘natural’ way for them to think because it is practised so often, you will have an empowered, confident, in control, emotionally balanced child who begins to understand life isn’t something that happens “to” them… it is something they create!

Always remember, you’re not just your child’s parent… you are their greatest leader. No matter which way you go, or how you do it, you are constantly downloading software to their subconscious minds and programming them to handle life the way you are teaching, whether that be conscious, or unconscious on your part. A shift in your consciousness when parenting will literally change who your child becomes, and their ability to handle life. Remember, they were born to lead… so do them a favour and continue to find opportunities in every day life to re-enforce that! It will empower their spirit and they will become the champion of their own life, rather than becoming a victim of their circumstances!

May you become conscious in the way that you parent, so that you raise a child that is ready to lead tomorrow’s world!

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