Parenting on purpose – raising conscious kids!

Welcome, it is great to be crossing paths with you!!

I don’t believe anything happens by accident, therefore, I know you have come here on purpose… whether it was part of ‘your’ plan, or part of ‘THE‘ plan – the one that is much bigger than any of ours – there is no coincidence in you being here. I believe we all come to this human experience with an internal guidance system, like a GPS, that guides us on our life’s path, towards our purpose! Unfortunately, society programs us against that very guidance system, and forces us to buy into an identity that is often not ours. I look forward to sharing ideas and concepts with you that help you “unprogram” both yours and your children’s minds so that you can live congruent, authentic, empowered and fulfilled lives. I believe we need to be conscious, and ‘on purpose’ in our parenting, so that we do not use our ‘default programmings’ on our children, and instead, we allow them the freedom to use their own internal guidance system, in an environment where it feels safe for them to become a full expression of themselves! I look forward to staying connected with you, and to growing and learning together! Much love and honor  -Holly xx

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