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Re-Launch your entire life, in every area. Release yourself from playing the role society gave you and come back to the blueprint of your soul. This is only for the brave, and those who are ready to say YES to themselves in every possible way.

Embrace the fullness of the 12 month option

Saying YES to yourself for an entire year takes great courage and vulnerability. It is a decision that someone can only make when they are in complete surrender to their life’s true path, and they are willing to meet themselves in all of their edges, beginning the moment they make this very decision.

This 12-month coaching program is by far the greatest investment of a lifetime, and its rewards are truly immeasurable. This one decision will change the entire trajectory of your life.

You see, life will open for you in proportion to the depth that you will open to yourself. And that’s what this program is about. Finding the true you, your soul’s nectar, and squeezing out every drip so the world can fully receive you! It is a process of unbecoming and discovering your most pure essence – that which lies beyond any title you wear, any role you play, or any script you have been given to recite or re-enact.

Throughout our journey together, we will explore the depths of every area of your life. We will identify your deepest values – not those you have been taught to adopt, but those which truly belong to your soul. We will then work together, weaving these values into the fabric of your life. This will give you the deepest sense of aliveness. You will feel inspired, empowered, and life will become the most fulfilling and exhilarating ride for you.

Allow me to guide you, as you step out, show up, and be seen… as you become nothing but a full expression of yourself, and use your personality to serve the energy of your soul.

By application and interview only. Spots limited to 5 per year.

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I look forward to journeying with you

12 Month Program

$40,000 AUD

By selection only, limited to 5 spots per year. Please register your interest by applying at the button below. You will be contacted by Holly for a conversation as part of the selection process. You will also be informed of the dates for the next intake, and payment options can be discussed.

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Allow your heart to be touched by the real-life stories of families who have completely changed the entire trajectory of their lives through our programs. My heart is so full, and my life feels so enriched in knowing how deeply we made a difference.

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As I reflect on my journey with Holly over the past year, I have so many tears of pure joy and gratitude. She is just so perfect in every way and the Universe definitely delivered her straight to me.

I have certainly opened! I feel the hugest shifts from enmeshment and lack of boundaries in my life to being very soul-centred, accepting and so much wiser.

What a year it has been! My biggest yet of personal growth by far – all of which I attribute to Holly! She has played such a pivotal role in all of my family life for a long time now, and I am going to miss our weekly calls.  But at the same time, I feel so courageous to step forwards even deeper into my authenticity and my purpose and do so much more with my life.

I am truly honouring my journey to wholeness now and accepting and loving all those parts of myself that I had always been told were faults and weaknesses.  I see my gifts, and I want to offer them to the world so that I can use them to serve others.

Thanks to Holly’s guidance at 52 years of age I feel I have finally come home to me!

Rachel S
Rachel S
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