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Masculine & Feminine Workshop

What you’ll learn: Understand the components of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine | How to embody your most natural state | The purpose of these two energies and the roles they play in life and in love | Understand the dynamic within your own relationship by identifying how each of these energies are playing out | How to embody your masculine or feminine energy – when to step in and when to step back | Use these energies to polarise your relationship and create a balanced and fulfilling union

happy to whole retreat

Happy to Whole Retreat

This retreat calls those who are ready to leave the world of the mind and personal development, and surrender instead to the depths of the soul and spiritual expansion. This is the deepest work you will ever do for yourself.

The power of vision workshop

The Power of Vision Workshop

What you’ll learn: How to birth your vision, even if you’re feeling lost | The power of vision, the power of purpose – why every life needs BOTH | The damaging effects on your soul if vision and purpose are absent – how to change that today | Create a vision that is aligned with your passions and literally brings you to life | What to expect as you walk the path of Vision and Purpose – and why it is never about ‘happiness’

Purpose Retreat

Purpose Retreat

Find clarity in the direction of your life and open heart to your life’s calling. Live a life full of purpose, passion and profits.

Past Events

Truth and Integrity

Truth & Integrity Workshop

What you’ll learn: 9 signs you’re out of integrity with yourself | The purpose of ‘truth’ | “Your” truth vs “THE” truth | The downside of the truth – why we avoid it | The upside of the truth – why it frees us | Personality vs Soul | How to know what TRUTH belongs to you | How to step into your truth and live it unapologetically

Remember Her Womens Circle Cacao Ceremony

Remember Her – Women’s Circle and Cacao Ceremony

Remember her… the depth of the woman within you. Feel her, in all of her totality… the aliveness of her being coursing through her veins. Taste her, in all of her fullness… sip on the sweet nectar of her soul. Be with her, in her true essence… so free and so turned on by life. Love her, in all of her softness… and notice the strength of the space she holds when she feels safe enough to open. She’s still there. It is time to Remember Her.

Money and Consciousness

Money & Consciousness Workshop

Change your relationship with money… amplify abundance in all areas of your life

Personal Values Workshop

Personal Values Online Workshop

Are your values really ‘yours’? Or are they the values you’ve been programmed with?

Discover your soul’s true values in order or priority and learn how to set clear boundaries around them so you can live a life in alignment with your highest values.

Happy to Whole 2022-02

Happy to Whole Retreat

Family Values Workshop

Get clear on your Family Values, how to put boundaries around them, and how to implement them effectively.
Picky Eaters and Power Plays Free

Picky Eaters and Power Plays

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The Full Truth Webinar

Truth Talk

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Sound Bathing

Sound Bathing with Sound of the Kun

The Holly Effect presents Sound Bathing with Sound of the Kun.
Join Balaji – Sacred musician and sound healer as he takes you on a magical sound healing journey. Balaji honors his calling as a healer, teacher and sacred musician and channels his shaman guide Ashka.
Balaji uses voice, breath and sacred instruments including Medicine and Mother Earth Drums to facilitate healing at the deepest level. The sound and vibration will awaken and heighten your senses as your physical and energetic bodies release old energies and karma.


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