Coaching options with Holly

“Soul Journey” Coaching – Spirituality and consciousness

Parenting Coaching

Schools – teacher workshops

Schools – Parenting Workshops

Schools – Author visits

Schools – Classroom workshops on self-esteem, mindset, emotional wellbeing

Corporate Coaching and workshops

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Spiritual and consciousness coaching

“Soul Journey” Coaching programs

Available on minimum 3 or 6 month terms

Aimed at helping those at the stage of their journey where they are wanting to:

  • ‘Find themselves’ or have recently started to ‘find themselves’ and want to make faster progress,
  • Understand and deepen their connection with the universe/God/higher-self, increase your intuition
  • Discover your Life Purpose, and use it to create abundance
  • Clear blocks and heal pain from the past that keeps you ‘stuck’ and repeating patterns over and over again
  • Integrate fragmented aspects of the soul
  • Make sense of all the lessons the universe is sending you, and grow and learn from it all so that your life flows again
  • Live through Spirit, and not through Ego

I’m so grateful for those that I’ve been able to help!

Once-off calls

These are designed to help you ‘get back on track’, or help you navigate through an immediate situation that may have arisen.

They are also great to help you make a decision that is in alignment with your true self, your higher calling, when you might be at a crossroads and have some confusion around what to do.

There is no commitment, they are just a once-off call to help you!

In-person meetings

These are great for couples, or if you simply prefer to meet this way. These sessions are a minimum of an hour (but can be as long as you like), whereas phone calls are 45 minutes.

These are also best for someone who has a real ‘stubborn block’, or is resistant to letting go. With the use of the energy field that is created between us ┬áin person, I can help you to let go and remove what’s stopping you.

In-person meetings are dependent on location, and price varies according to travel distance, and time required for the session.


Parenting Coaching

Parenting Coaching Programs

Available on minimum 3 month or 6 month terms

These programs are tailored exactly to your family needs, and address the particular behaviour/issue/concern related to your child

Home visits

These are used in situations where it is beneficial for me to observe the behaviour of your child myself in order to offer you my perspective.

Home visits are also used to help give the parent some ‘on the job’ coaching, which can be extremely valuable and give you faster progress, not to mention the moral support.

Overnight stays

Overnight stays are useful to help with sleeping patterns and bedtime behaviours – useful from newborn onwards.

The focus is on getting your children to go to bed, stay in bed, and if they wake during the night, to settle themselves back to sleep at all ages, including infants!

Schools – “Creating Courageous Classrooms” teacher workshops

These can be offered as a once-off workshop, or in an ongoing, regular manner.

Focus topics are:

Creating an environment that embraces vulnerability and eliminates shame

Language that builds a child’s self-esteem – what to say and what NOT to say

Providing discipline without killing their spirit

Language that encourages responsibility and independence

3 types of praise – How to give effective praise that builds a child’s sense of self, but doesn’t make them dependent

Love languages – how to make sure each child feels valued, significant and empowered

Other topics are available and can be discussed on an individual basis

Corporate Coaching from a conscious perspective

Corporate coaching can be offered privately in a one-on-one manner (manager/team leader/executive), or to an entire team/organization. If you are in a position of leadership, understanding those you lead on a deeper level allows you to become a more effective leader, and do so with a deep sense of peace at the same time. Having a ‘conscious’ approach to your situation benefits everyone, including you!

Corporate coaching can also be used to increase team spirit, culture and camaraderie. It has a focus on helping employees honor the journey of others, and be able to control emotions and behaviours in a way that builds a coherent, unified workplace.

Corporate coaching also discusses how to ‘do life’, and work at the same time… how to leave private battles ‘at home’ and limit the impact of private life on a professional situation or workplace. This benefits everyone on both a personal and professional level.

Work/life balance plays a vital role in the emotional well-being of a person, and therefore their performance within an organization. Corporate coaching has a large focus on how to obtain, and maintain a healthy work/life balance


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