Speaking engagements

Holly Nunan is a mother of 3, an entrepreneur, a powerful business woman, a leader, an international best-selling children’s author, and a highly sought after motivational speaker and trainer.

“Her ability to teach an audience, and deliver a message that resonates with their soul is unparalleled. Her work doesn’t just “inspire and motivate”, it leaves a lasting impact on the lives of those who are fortunate enough to cross her path.” –

Holly can be booked for:

Keynote Speaking

Motivational Speaking


  • workshops and seminars for teachers (see coaching page)
  • exclusive parenting seminars for the school’s community only
  • author visit

Corporate Consulting and Workshops (see coaching page for more information):

Key topics include:

  • Work/Life Balance – how to mentally leave ‘work at work’, and ‘home at home’
  • Workplace relationships – creating harmony in the workplace so all employees thrive
  • Managing Adversity – how to let ‘life’ happen without affecting work
  • Tailored topics according to workplace requirements

Contact Holly – 

Email: admin@thehollyeffect.com