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Women's Circle and Cacao Ceremony

Next Date

17 September, 2023

10am – 5pm
Springwood Studio,
Leawood Gardens, SA

Beautiful woman,

Welcome to this very special women’s circle. 

May this message land deeply with you, and may you feel the call of your heart into this space…

You are a mother – the conduit for life itself. 


You have offered yourself as the portal through which another soul
chose to incarnate upon this world. Or perhaps you have sat with the grief
and heaviness of a soul that never arrived in physical form. 


Regardless, you have held life,
just as life holds you, and just as you will be held on this
day in circle with other inspiring women. 


This is a deeply magical experience 
where you will be immersed in the totality of your feminine energy and you will connect to everything you have ever been as a
daughter, a woman, a mother…

You will connect with the parts of yourself that have been forgotten and
perhaps long-lost along the way as you have stepped into each of the
role’s society had prepared for you.

You will hold the hand 
of the little girl within you, meeting her in love like no-one ever has before and exactly the way she has always craved.


You will guide the heart
of the young woman who had to find her own way in this world and you
will forgive her for everything she never ‘got right’, receiving the wisdom
that her experiences now offer you.


You will cherish the absolute magic
of the mother within you – she who has traversed every unchartered territory imaginable, always finding her way somehow. 
She who has shown up in love’s name time and time again, without any recognition or validation for ever being enough.


You will grieve for
every moment in your child’s life that you never got the chance to pause
in and absorb before it was gone… for every missed moment, and for every new stage of letting go.


You will also grieve
for any children that never got the chance to show up in physical form, for
whatever reason that may be.  You will forgive your body, your soul and
your heart for not being able to hold them, for not feeling ready to keep them and you will deeply connect to the inner-knowing that everything truly was as it was always meant to be.


You will reflect
with great reverence on every part of your motherhood
journey and the contribution you have made to the people your children
have become, and are still becoming.


You will sit in the
deepest pride for everything you have created and you will feel
your gratitude for life in your bones.


You will remember and accept 
that your children are not yours to own. They are not some piece of clay that you get to mold as you want it to be.  They are their own
person and although they have come through you, they are  not from you. 


With this in mind, you will release the hold you may have on their life and you will hand it over to them in full trust that life will hold them better than you ever could anyway.  You will trust them with their own lives.

You will set them free from any emotional chains you have held them in and in doing so, you will also free your own heart from its burdens and
co-dependencies.  You will no longer use your children to meet any needs of your own.


You will dance in the wonder
of all that lies ahead for you, the stages you are still yet to embark on and the lessons you are still yet to receive. 

On this day, in this circle,
you will expand the capacity of your heart so that you have all the space that is required for whatever comes next in your motherhood journey.

You will leave with the fullness of your own heart and continue showing up in unconditional love for your child, AND for yourself as
a daughter, a woman, a mother.

I look forward to journeying with you in this space.

Ceremonial Cacao

As part of this day, we will be doing a Sacred Cacao Ceremony and connecting to our womb space.


If you don’t know much about Cacao Medicine, here’s a small glimpse of it’s power and depth…


Cacao is considered a non-psychoactive entheogen, meaning it is a sacred substance which brings you closer to God and your own spiritual nature. This plant medicine has been used for thousands of years as a connection to the Sacred Spirit of Cacao, a spirit ally to guide us to a very deep connection to our inner world and align us to a higher perspective of our nature.


I highly encourage you to type ‘ceremonial cacao’ or ‘sacred cacao’ into Google, and explore its history and power. There is a plethora of information out there, from many different ancient cultures who have all used Cacao for spiritual purposes for thousands of years. You do not have to be a shaman to work with ceremonial cacao. You can even use it yourself at home. I do, especially when I need to be connected to my heartspace, or I can feel a new vision emerging within me. Cacao keeps me connected to my heart, and amplifies my intentions.


As well as being loaded with the perfect ratio of magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc (it’s called a superfood for a reason!), it is also packed full of theobromine which energises your body, enhances your mood and lowers your blood pressure all at the same time.


In addition to that, it’s most active component is phenylethylamine (PEA) which is the pre-cursor to serotonin (the happy-exciting feels like you feel when you’re falling in love or floating in a sea of the deepest gratitude). This is the “love chemical” and is what makes Cacao the “heart medicine” because it connects us with the deepest part of our soul and opens our heart through this perfect balance of chemistry provided by Mother Nature.


The final note-worthy chemical found in cacao is anandamide which is known as the bliss chemical and is responsible for the euphoric feelings, therefore working as a natural antidepressant. Interestingly, the Sanskrit word for ‘Bliss’ is Ananda!


If you feel a deep resonance right now, then you have heard the call from the medicine of Cacao. She is calling you, and through her, you will enter deeper states of transformation and healing, and you will meet yourself in deeper edges through the magic and activation of your prayer using the gift this plant medicine has to offer.

Let's journey together,

as daughters, as women, as mothers...

Love Holly xx

Next Date

17 September, 2023

10am – 5pm
Springwood Studio,
Leawood Gardens, SA

On this day, you will experience…

I look forward to journeying with you

Women Only


Pricing includes full day immersion experience and cacao ceremony.

Note: you will be required to bring your own lunch. Further details will be sent via email upon booking.

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