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Teach your kids to BE sorry, not just SAY sorry

Teach your kids to BE sorry, not just SAY sorry!

Forcing your kids, or even just asking them to say sorry only teaches them to be incongruent, and out of alignment with themselves. 

The subconscious message in your request is “Forget what you’d really like to say, dismiss how you really feel, push down all your real feelings and pretend they don’t exist, choke off your frustration, hold back your anger, and just say something that’s not even true”.

Raising conscious kids means teaching them to acknowledge and honor their feelings, not deny them.

This video explains just how to do it, so that you can raise a congruent, authentic, true-to-themselves child who is full of self-esteem, self-belief, self-love and self-worth.

Enjoy, and Stay Amazing!

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