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Unraveling Misunderstandings: The Truth About Conscious Parenting

As the holistic wave of conscious parenting gains momentum, it’s no surprise that myths and misconceptions spring up around it. This deeply connected, spiritually rooted approach to raising children has become both acclaimed and misunderstood. Let’s shine a light on some of these misconceptions and lay them to rest. Misconception 1: Conscious Parenting Equals No […]

Parenting Manifesto – What message does your soul have for your children?

Parenting Manifesto Parenting ON PURPOSE, from your heart… Your prayer, your wish, your soul’s message to your children…   I was watching Oprah Life Class recently, and Brene Brown was talking about her parenting manifesto. I was so inspired, and so deeply touched that I decided to create my own. Boy was it a liberating, […]

“Make sure you colour OUTSIDE the lines!”

  Teaching your children to PERform rather than CONform… Remember when you learned how to colour? It gave you so much freedom… you were able to create something. It gave you a sense of control, that you were able to leave your ‘mark’ on the world around you – albeit furniture, walls and anything BUT […]

Nurturing your children through divorce – co parenting success!

Divorce is hard for everyone involved – but there IS a way to go through this process successfully! (Advice from one of Australia’s leading experts on this critical topic!)   This topic is very close to my heart, because I became a child of divorce at 7 years old. My parents did the best they could, […]

The impact of true GIVING on your child’s spirit

Stop just putting gifts under the K-mart christmas tree, or in the Salvo’s drop box!!   Every human spirit needs to know it makes a difference, including your child’s – significance is one of the six human NEEDS! We NEED to know we are important, and we need to experience the emotion that is reserved […]

Why “don’t” doesn’t work!

Change the word “don’t”, and change your life! It can be so exhausting being a parent, particularly when our kids continue to do the things we tell them not to do! But this isn’t happening “by accident”. In actual fact, when we tell our kids “don’t”, we are actually adding power to the behaviour we […]

Empower your child – 5 words to change in your vocabulary

Words are REAL things… choose them consciously and empower your children! Before I begin here, I must point out that I certainly wasn’t born with all the knowledge I have regarding parenting today. Just like you, I was programmed too. However, after beginning my own personal development in my early 20’s, I became very conscious of […]

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