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How to get your kids to go to bed and STAY in bed

How to get your kids to go to bed and STAY in bed

It is so much easier to handle the battle of parenting if you know where the finish line is! Once your kids are in bed, you’ve got the rest of the night to yourself, and most the time, that is all you need to replenish yourself, and maintain a healthy, intimate relationship with your spouse.

Buuuuuut, if your kids don’t go to bed, or if they continue getting out of their bed, it can wreak havoc on your life and have you at your wits end!

A tired mum in our facebook group asked for help, as her toddler had just transferred from his cot to a bed, and he was making great use of the fact that he can get out as many times as he likes and noone can stop him! After dealing with him for hours on end, night after night, she was exhausted, and she reached out for help.

This video had over 1,800 views within 24 hours, and here was her response the day after watching it…

Enjoy, and Stay Amazing!

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