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The fruit is never for the tree!

Life is not an accident. You are here ON PURPOSE – but are you “ON purpose?”, or are you living “by accident?”

I must say, I believe I have one of the most incredibly impacting mentors that anyone could have in their life. I don’t believe ANYTHING happens by accident. I believe life is all ON PURPOSE and everything happens by design. We are all here on assignment. But sometimes, we get so lost in our own world, that someone gets sent to us to deliver the message for our assignment. My mentor, Mr Jarrod Wilkins, certainly was this person for me. He has shared so many messages that have resonated deeply with my spirit, but this one I’m going to share today, was the first. I will never forget the ‘revelation’ I felt when he spoke these words…

“The fruit is never for the tree…”

They penetrated my spirit so deeply and right there in that moment my “dreams” went from being my “dreams” to my RESPONSIBILITIES. I always wanted to be a speaker, to motivate, inspire and touch lives, to have crowds cheer for me. It was always a vision of mine. But the mistake I made up until this time, was thinking I need to do that for ME. Because these were MY goals, MY dreams, and MY desires. But in this very moment, when he spoke these very words in a training seminar, out of hundreds of people, I felt like I was the only one in the room and he wasn’t speaking to anyone other than me. That message was for ME, and I was ready to receive!!

I realised I needed to get out of my own way. That these ‘plans’ weren’t just my dreams, they were my responsibilities. These weren’t just my ‘passions’, these were my GIFTS. The reason I was good at them, and enjoyed them so much, was because that was my incentive to SHARE them! These were the FRUIT that I had, that others could nourish themselves with. And if I didn’t make my fruit available to the world, then I would be doing the entire world an injustice, which is unfair, and outright selfish. I realised that day, that these ‘fruits’ of mine barely even had anything to do with ME, other than that I would be the tree that would bear them. It was my obligation to refine them, to improve them, to master them, and to leave them hanging from my limbs so they could be of benefit to those who would “feed from my tree”.

My hope for everyone is that you allow this man to touch your life like he has touched mine… whilst many of his messages have become a part of “me” today, and I repeat them everywhere I go, I don’t take any of the credit for any of it. All the accolades belong to this man, Mr Jarrod Wilkins. Mr Wilkins is a network marketing professional and entrepreneur. Please go and be a blessing to yourself and connect with him on his website

It was once said that “the greatest among us shall serve.”  I believe we all came here with a PURPOSE, with a gift that is only ours. I believe we have an obligation to work out what that gift is, and a responsiblitiy to USE that gift to serve the masses. We have NO RIGHT to lead small, timid lives, because that doesn’t serve anyone, including ourselves and our own families! I love what Les Brown once said, ask yourself this…

“If you died today, what gift? what song? what book? what poem? what painting? what speech? what message? what charity? what voice? what discovery? what invention? what talent?… would die with you?”

I have discovered my purpose, and the feeling of fulfilment that comes with using my gift to SERVE others. If there is one feeling I wish, hope and pray that you all experience before you leave this world, it is THAT feeling. YOUR life has a purpose… may you have the courage to find yours…

Keep Winning, and Stay Amazing!!

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