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Creating space for change

In order to bring in the new, we must create space by letting go of the old… That’s where most people fail… Not in wanting more, but in letting go of less… May you be a blessing to yourself right now, and decide in this moment to begin with the courage to “clean up” your life […]

Overcoming FEAR

It’s one or the other. . . FEAR or FAITH? They cannot co-exist! Truth. When you have faith, there is no fear. Fear can only exist in the absence of faith. Not knowledge, but FAITH. Faith exists not in what you ‘know’, but what you don’t know!  When you feel fearful, you don’t have a […]

Why are you here?

Why should you discover your life’s purpose?     The fruit is never for the tree. Apple trees don’t eat the apple fruit. Mango trees don’t eat mangoes… Your gift is not for you. It is for the benefit of those who will feed from your tree. If you’re not searching for your gift, or […]

Using “life” to teach your children about leadership!

Do life and leadership together! I don’t believe that discussions about life and leadership need to be scheduled or lectured to our children… the root word of leadership is LEAD… which is a VERB, not a noun… it’s a DOING word. Which means, in order to teach leadership effectively, particularly with children, it isn’t something you […]

The fruit is never for the tree!

Life is not an accident. You are here ON PURPOSE – but are you “ON purpose?”, or are you living “by accident?” I must say, I believe I have one of the most incredibly impacting mentors that anyone could have in their life. I don’t believe ANYTHING happens by accident. I believe life is all ON […]

What if I Fail? Oh, but what if you FLY?

Wow… Take a moment to let this resonate with you. Don’t just “read” it, FEEL it! You know, when a bird sits out on the end of a limb, it’s feet resting on a tiny twig, it is in a complete state of peace, even though the twig below it’s feet could break at any […]

Dealing with negativity towards your positive mindset

Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it only empties today of its strength. It is necessary sometimes to remove people, habits and thought processes that do not serve you in order to create space for the people, New behaviors and thoughts that WILL serve you! I can’t tell you the “key” to success, […]

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