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Get rid of plan B and the universe will work in your favour

Get rid of plan B and the universe will work in your favour! The only person who needs plan B, is the person who doesn’t EXPECT plan A to work. You set your intentions with your expectations, and the universe then manifests accordingly. Remember, the universe doesn’t give you what you ask for verbally, it […]

Integrity with yourself

Integrity This video covers an acronym for integrity. Being in integrity with yourself is essential in order to discover and progress on your life path, and also in finding peace and fulfillment in your life. There is no other substitute, and there are no shortcuts. Here is my acronym for Integrity, and the video explains […]

7 Rewards of pain

7 Rewards of pain There are so many rewards to pain. Pain is necessary. Suffering is a choice. Pain becomes the point from which we expand. It is what gives us growth, and allows us to rise to higher levels of consciousness. This video will help you embrace pain, and find new perspectives while you’re […]

The biggest well-kept secret to your success EXPOSED!!

How to increase the power of your mind to manifest what you’re asking for, “by accident”! Everyone on the path to “success”, who self-educate and study principles that govern success in any area of life, know that our lives are determined by the subconscious script that continues to play inside our minds, that tells us […]

4 Steps to getting balance in your life RIGHT NOW!

Giving up a life of chaos for a life of balance! Firstly, what does balance mean? I believe it means being able to give each area of your life the attention it needs without it being to the detriment of other areas of your life! If I was to delve into the depths of this topic […]

Creating space for change

In order to bring in the new, we must create space by letting go of the old… That’s where most people fail… Not in wanting more, but in letting go of less… May you be a blessing to yourself right now, and decide in this moment to begin with the courage to “clean up” your life […]

Overcoming FEAR

It’s one or the other. . . FEAR or FAITH? They cannot co-exist! Truth. When you have faith, there is no fear. Fear can only exist in the absence of faith. Not knowledge, but FAITH. Faith exists not in what you ‘know’, but what you don’t know!  When you feel fearful, you don’t have a […]

Why are you here?

Why should you discover your life’s purpose?     The fruit is never for the tree. Apple trees don’t eat the apple fruit. Mango trees don’t eat mangoes… Your gift is not for you. It is for the benefit of those who will feed from your tree. If you’re not searching for your gift, or […]

The fruit is never for the tree!

Life is not an accident. You are here ON PURPOSE – but are you “ON purpose?”, or are you living “by accident?” I must say, I believe I have one of the most incredibly impacting mentors that anyone could have in their life. I don’t believe ANYTHING happens by accident. I believe life is all ON […]

What if I Fail? Oh, but what if you FLY?

Wow… Take a moment to let this resonate with you. Don’t just “read” it, FEEL it! You know, when a bird sits out on the end of a limb, it’s feet resting on a tiny twig, it is in a complete state of peace, even though the twig below it’s feet could break at any […]

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